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From: "Justin Fitzgerald" 


Subject: Travis tab sumbission: "Twenty"

Date: Thursday, August 31, 2000 11:55 AM

My version of "The Man Who" has 3 extra tracks.  This is the tab for the

second track called "Twenty".

"Twenty" - Travis


capo 2nd (big surprise)

D*: x00132

Intro: G C G

G    D      G    G           C       D      D     D*   D

Sure it's a gas, stuck in an English class, can't even dream,

        G       D                      C

So it's hard to accept the role you're given

            G            D             C

when you're sittin there starin at the ceilin

        G           D             C       D

wishing you were so very far from here...

            G         C     G

when you're thirteen

G    D      G          G           C        D   D  D* D

What fors and whys, if he's got it why can't I, oh my queen,

      G               D              C           G

and I dream about you when I'm in my bed, and if all of these

D                   C              G         D          C     D

things are like you said, then I'd rather be in another sea...

             G      C   G

when I'm fourteen.

G    D   G         G          C  D      D    D*   D

Just not fair, I'm not gettin anywhere, hard as a stone,

     G            D           C               G

they expect us to make it out alone, and they scream at us

D                 C               G          D         C        D

when we're on the phone, and they lecture us all about routine...

               G        C   G

when you're fifteen.

G   D      G            G           C      D      D     D*      D

Get out of here, you're crowding my tender years, don't say you see,

                G      D                 C           G

cause you've forgotten what it's like to be, and I'm sure that it's

D                 C              G          D           C       D

changed to some degree, Christ advice ain't never as it seems...

               G      C    G

when you're sixteen.

G    D     G     G          C        D     D      D*     D

Four years gone, four and before you know, you're now of age,

           G           D         C                G          D

and you're thrown in a different cage, and you're faced with another

      C           G            D          C      D

blank page, and I know I don't need to be told...


Tabbed by: Justin Fitzgerald