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Step On My Old Size Nines(Live acoustic version)
Tabbed by Scott Morgan



Play that twice


G                              C

  Like to know what its all about

Repeat G and C as many times necessary until

D                      C(single strum)

  Watch the old couple dance

I think that Kelly plays a D there anyway, but he could still play a G, so try it out and see which you think is best.

Chorus is just G and C again



Don't use the tab as an exact way to play it, just hold down the chord shape and try to get the feel of the song.  Play this a few times then play the next part.

Middle section 2

A few times in between the above middle bit, Kelly play natural harmonics over several strings at different places like this(the brackets show that a natural harmonic is being played).


To play a natural harmonic, hold your fretting finger directly over the frets indicated, not behind the fret.  Hold it lightly over and pull it away after you have strummed the notes.

Play both those middle section a few times(listen to the song), then you have more verses and choruses etc, you should be able to play the entire song with this.