============================================================================= Foo Fighters - Another Round Artist: Foo Fighters Album: In Your Honor Genre: Rock Tuning: eBGDAE Verse 2x e||--3--1--0--3--|--2--|| B||--3--3--1--1--|--3--|| G||--0--2--2--0--|--2--|| D||--0--0--2--2--|--0--|| A||--2-----0--3--|-----|| E||--3-----------|-----|| Chorus G A Em Cm e||--3--0--0--3--|| B||--3--2--0--4--|| G||--0--2--0--5--|| You can play the 3rd fret of the B string while D||--0--2--2--5--|| playing A and Em. Listen the song to get that. A||--2--0--2--3--|| E||--3-----0-----|| Harmonica Solo (Same chords than Verses) Outro (Repeat Chorus and continue with those chords)